Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pest Information

For the past few weeks Rooms 12 and 11 worked together and studied pests. At first we didn't know what pests were so our teacher made us record our knowledge on the K.W.L chart. This is what I thought Pests were initially 
Pests are insects or animals that can destroy crops.
After some researching about pests my knowledge has increased by a lot. This is what I know about Pests.

The Destruction Of Pests

Pests are creatures that live in filthy areas, people’s homes, schools and other places. Pests are unwanted insects that carry germs can harm or kill humans. Pests bite, destroy foods, crops and make our lives difficult.

There are many types of pests like rats, ants, flies, fleas, wasps, cockroach, mosquito and many more. The most dangerous pest for houses and schools are termites, they have a good ability to chew through wood, flooring and even the wall unseen.

Rats carry many diseases that are called plague, leptospirosis, rat bite fever and many more. When rats bite humans their bite can give you headaches, fever, cause you to vomit, rashes and kidney damage.
Mosquito bites are very dangerous to humans because once they have bitten your skin they will start to suck your blood. It causes people to have a fever or itchy bites.This can lead humans to get malaria which can make you vomit, be sick, nausea and then eventually you will die.

Pest aren’t very kind to the environment because they overrun houses and destroy people's properties, and damage humans food supplies and farmers crops.        


  1. Hi timote
    You must know me as I am 1 of your quad blogging buddies and I heard ,you were studying about pests.Well for my school and I ,we have decided to see what improvements we could make to Omaru creek and I think your writing had a lot of details . But as a question, have you ever had a pest in your house?

  2. Hi Kuraria
    Thank you for commenting on my pest information. No I have never had a pest in my house. Hope I can see more of your work.

  3. Hi Timote
    I thought your Pest Information writing was interesting. Keep on writing !
    PS: Thanks for commenting on my blog !