Friday, 26 May 2017

🏆We Made History🏆

On Wednesday we made history. It was the first time the year 7 and 8's ever won the competition.
After fitness the soccer team left for Point England Reserve for the Soccer Inter-School competition.
The soccer team members were Mika, Saluselo, Lupe, Izabella, Dakbai, Min Zin, Meana, Isabell, Mary, Solomone and me.
The first game was against Glen Taylor. We played against Tamaki Primary, Sylvia Park, St Patrick's, Panmure Bridge and lastly Stone fields. In the finals, we tied 1st place with Stones fields.
These are the results:
vs Glen Taylor- 1 - 0

vs Tamaki primary- 1 - 0

Sylvia Park- 1 - 0

vs St Patrick's- 7 - 0

                                                               Semi -finals: vs Panmure Bridge- 4 - 0

                                                               Finals: vs Stone fields- 0 - 0


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