Thursday, 14 September 2017

🏃Cross Country🏃

This week the senior block have been practising cross country. Right after a 5 minute circuit pratice, everyone cautiously dashed out of the school grounds and ran on the streets. We had to quickly run for at least three times, but for the fast runners they had to run for four laps.

Dakbai and I quickly dodged people left and right so that we could complete four laps. As we came to the last lap, Dakbai and me deiced to bolt to the end. Coming into school I saw many puffed and sweaty people.

When we stopped Dakbai and I were exhausted as ran out of energy, When it was time to go back to class Ms Riley told the senior block that me and Dakbai had completed 4 laps in nine minutes.

For the first time I did well.

Monday, 4 September 2017


On Tuesday we had orienteering, Mr Leon had gently placed down controls all around the school. Orienteering is all about knowing how to read maps so that you can get to specific places. Mr Leon presented us with a piece of paper. There were four sections to this orienteering, I left with full speed running as fast as I could.

I arrived at my first destination and I was already exhausted, sadly I had no time to rest as I quickly had to  dash  to the second control. When I reached it I thought to myself will it be too challenging for me? As I was sprinting pass people I decided to stop, turn around and help my classmates.

Jack and Azahar were standing at the rugby post confused about where to go next. So I ran over to them and directed them to the right place. At the end me, Jack and Azahar ran together to finish off the task we were assigned to do.