Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I'm so Sad:(

On Wednesday morning I was getting ready for school and when I arrived I heard, "Soccer is cancelled".  When I went inside the class I felt a bit sad.  After the bell rang we had to do fitness. After we finished fitness we went inside our classroom but before we went in Mr Reid said, "Whoever is in the soccer team take a photo''. In my head I felt a little disappointed because I really wanted to go Inter-school soccer. It was my first time going to soccer.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

My Adventure To Tonga

On Thursday afternoon I left school to go home because I was going to Tonga with my dad. When I arrived  home I showered and helped with the packing. When me, my dad and my mum finished packing we went in the car and said, "Bye." After we our farewell we arrived at the the airport, weighed the bags, checked in, filled the form and ate before we left. When the form was completed, me and my dad took photos of each other. Later on when we were on the plane we looked outside the window and all we could see were clouds. Two hours later we arrived at Tonga and saw people waving at all the people who were on the plane including us. The reason why we went to Tonga was for mother's day.