Thursday, 14 September 2017

🏃Cross Country🏃

This week the senior block have been practising cross country. Right after a 5 minute circuit everyone cautiously dashes out of the school grounds and run on the streets. We had to quickly run for at least three times, but for the fast runners they had to run for four laps.

Dakbai and I quickly dodged people left and right so that we could complete four laps. As it came to the last lap for me and Dakbai me deiced to bolt it to the end. Coming into school I saw many puffed and sweaty people.

As we had stopped Dakbai and I were exhausted and ran out of energy, When it was time to go back in class Ms Riley told the senior block that me and Dakbai had completed 4 laps in nine minutes.

For the first time I did good.

Monday, 4 September 2017


On Tuesday we had orienteering, Mr Leon had gently placed down controls all around the school. Orienteering is all about knowing how to read maps so that you can get to specific places. Mr Leon presented us with a piece of paper. There were four sections to this orienteering, I left with full speed running as fast as I could.

I arrived at my first destination and I was already exhausted, sadly I had no time to rest I quickly dashed to the second control. When I reached it I thought to myself will it be to challenging for me? As I was sprinting pass people I decided to stop, turn around and help my classmates.

Jack and Azahar was standing at the rugby post confused where to go next so I ran over to them and directed them to the right place. At the end me, Jack and Azahar run together to finish off the task we were assigned to do.      

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

❄Winter Learning Journey ☃

On Monday, Rachal Williams came to Ruapotaka school to award the students who participated and contributed towards blogging. Winter Learning Journey is all to do with blogging in the holidays and  the topic was about New Zealand. Only 6 students participated. Rachal informed us that she ventured around the countryto purchase specific things from New Zealand.
Pupuke won the grand prize.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

🏀Netball Training. 🏀

This week the years7, 8, 5 and 6 students are training for Netball. Everyday we've been performing extremely well. After all the hard training and exercise drills, I have finally made it into the Netball Team of 2017. My position is currently goal shooter. Everyday we go out to the netball courts and practice so that we can become better than before. I can't wait until inter-school Netball competition, and I hope to make it into the finals!!

Friday, 28 July 2017

💮Pasifika Study💮

Today after morning tea there was a very special assembly where all classes had to showcase their Pasifika Study item. Our performance involved us singing a song called 'How Far I'll Go' by Alessia Cara from the movie Moana. I was very nervous because I didn't know the words to the song, but since everyone sang so beautifully the audience didn't notice.

Room 1 preformed a sasa,
Room 5 conducted a song called Le Aute,
Room 6 prepared a catwalk,
Room 7 danced to Coconut Tree,
Room 9 sang a song called Little birdy on a tree
Room 10 came up with a song called E Otua
Room 12 sang 'How Far I'll Go'

Monday, 24 July 2017

Start Of Term 3

Holidays are over and we're back at school. I quickly dashed around the house searching for my bag. Once I found it I run out the door and went off to school.

When I arrived back to Ruapotaka School, I was happy to see my friends and start learning new topics. Lunch time was finished and everyone ran to assembly.

Mrs Vickers asked an important question,  "Who read in the holidays?" A few people stood up.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Skipping (Update)

Today is Tuesday so it's the last day for skipping. Room 12 have been practising skipping everyday so that we can become better than before.  We are still working on our routine, for the demonstration. There is only one day until the skipping display. After every skipping session our energy drops, because we are skipping for so long. The skip off is tomorrow and we will be performing in our groups demonstrating our routines which we have been practising.