Friday, 11 December 2015

Touch Rugby

For the past few weeks we have been doing touch practice. Here is a little game play.

Comic Evaluation

Make a copy of this for yourself and use it to evaluate your comic creation group.

Group Members
Athens Me Sione
Title of Comic Created
Not being a cybersmart learner on our chromebook
How well did your group work together? (Explain your answer).
I think that we did okay because we
talked and shared ideas.
What is something you think you could have done better?
I think that we needed to do better was work as a team and listen to each other ideas
What is the purpose of your comic?
It is to tell you that don’t mess around with your chromebook, Be cybersmart learner by doing the right thing at the right time.
Who did you have in mind as the audience of your comic?
The audience that I had in mind was student that has chromebook because it will tell them to be cybersmart.  
What did you enjoy would like to do differently if you did this again?
What i really like about making a comic was that we cooperate with each other.
This is my comic evaluation

My Three Simple Cybersmart Advice for Next Year

This is my Advice so 2016 chromebook users can learn some kawa of care.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Our Teams Comic

This is my teams comic that we had to do for writing. My group was Athens, Sione and me it had to do with, what do we do in room nine that happens everyday.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Sangit Video in room nine

This is my Snagit that Me and Alicia  created in Room Nine. We created this because it is to share our learning and it was also about what favourite movie that we liked for manaiakalani film festival.

The Remembrance of Jonah Lomu

November 18 of 2015 Jonah Lomu died. Jonah Lomu played for the all black team. In 2007 Jonah Lomu retired he retired because he had an ankle injury in his training. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Becoming an Independent Chromebook Learner

This is my Wevideo to show my responsibility to take my chromebook home. I have been creating this video so I can show some of my learning.

Movie Reviews

With Room Nine

Movie Title
The Journey
Ruapotaka School
Class/Year Level
Room Nine,Year Six
Summary/Description of the film
Kids in room Nine are dancing in a car and sharing Cybersmart information.
Your Opinion
The movie was awesome and good.
The comment you left
Hi Samantha, Thank you for commenting on Room Nines blog. Thank you for loving our video and thank you for liking our costume,music and our background.
Link to this movie

This is my Movie Reviews about The Journey.
This is the link for the Video and also Room Nines blog.

Learning How To Play Rugby Touch

Today room nine went outside so we can learn, run pass and try. When we went up we started to play a warm up game it's all about listening, teaming up and making choices. The person that was teaching us was Trevor, he told us how to play the game, pass and how to give the ball under our foot. When we were finished we shouted, "Good Bye Trevor."

Manaiakalani Film Feastival

Yesterday Room 9, 10, 11, 12, 6 and 7 went to Sylvia Park so we can watch some videos. We got there by going on the bus. Once we were there Miss Ginders was taking photos, we went at 10.45. 
When we got inside we started to watch some videos. My favourite movie was our own because it was awesome and it was our first time. When we were finished we got inside the bus and went back to school.

Monday, 9 November 2015

New Zealand celebrates Guy Fawkes

New Zealand celebrates Guy Fawkes

New Zealand  celebrated Guy Fawkes last night with Polices and the Fire Service dealing with heaps of calls across the country. Three people were injured by fireworks – two of them were seriously injured. Firefighters answered to more than twice the number of fireworks call-outs than last year in what they say was a very disappointing night.
Guy Fawkes happens on the 5th November each year.
Fireworks are only allowed to be bought by those that are over 18 years old stores can only sell them for four days.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rugby World Cup Information for 2015

For the past few weeks Room Nine has been researching information about the rugby world cup. Here is my own information about the rugby world cup.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Celebration For The All Blacks

Yesterday afternoon Room Nine was taking a photo celebrating the All Blacks victory for the cup and here are some our photos to celebrate the All Blacks.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

All Blacks Deffening The Rugby World Cup

Welcome back with another rugby game we are here today to see the final rugby game for twenty-fifteen we have NZ vs Australia. The game will be in Twickenham park . First half NZ is dominating with 16 points. Near the end of the first half Ma’a Nonu does a superb try and then the Australians get a penalty. Dan Carter is lining up so he can kick the ball, when Dan is ready he kicked the ball and got it over. When both teams were finished they came for the last half the Wallabies get the ball and score a try. The NZ team kicks the ball and the Wallabies score again, so far the score is 21 to 17. When Dan Carter got the long range penalty goal it added 3 more points. When it was near the end the final try was scored by Beauden Barrett and the score was 34 to 17. ALL BLACKS WIN 2015! The crowd goes wild and New Zealand celebrates the win of twenty fifteen. All Blacks, how do you feel to win the rugby world cup?
All Black response: We feel great and happy and proud of our team for training hard it was a good game.
All right there you have it from the All Blacks.
All Black Players

  • Ben Franks
  • Brodie Retallick
  • Charlie Faumuina
  • Codie Taylor
  • Dane Coles
  • Jerome Kaino
  • Keven Mealamu
  • Kieran Read
  • Liam Messam
  • Luke Romano
  • Owen Franks
  • Richie McCaw
  • Sam Cane
  • Samuel Whitelock
  • Tony Woodcock
  • Victor Vito
  • Wyatt Crockett
  • Aaron Smith
  • Beauden Barrett
  • Ben Smith
  • Colin Slade
  • Conrad Smith
  • Dan Carter
  • Julian Savea
  • Ma'a Nonu
  • Malakai Fekitoa
  • Nehe Milner-Skudder
  • Sonny Bill Williams
  • Tawera Kerr-Barlow
  • TJ Perenara
  • Waisake Naholo

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

One Goal For Term Four

In Room Nine we have been writing our Term 4 goals and we had to relate the goals to the key competencies.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Most Coolist And Fun project

In the morning we were going to do a science project. Our materials were cups, water, shaving foam and food colouring. We had to put food colouring on top of the shaving foam. When we were putting in the food colouring it started to sink through the shaving foam and it looked like it was raining down. 
(The shaving foam was the cloud and the food colouring was the rain.) 

Friday, 11 September 2015

The Special Guest

In the morning Room 1 to Room 12 went to the assembly for a special day.When the special guest came he put up a poster of him cylcling. His name was Myron Simpson.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My Venn Diagram

This is my venn diagram. We had to go and find two blogs. We also had to write what's the difference and what's the same thing about the blogs.

Cybersmart Homework

This is my homework from Mrs Grant. We have to look on peoples blogs and find what is interesting and what we liked about it.Then we have to give a bit of information about it.  

My thoughts about the flag

The designer created this flag because it has the silver fern on it. The designer used these colours because it’s the colour of our New Zealand rugby team uniform.
I choose this flag because it has the silver fern and it’s the name of the netball team for New Zealand. If I was going to choose the flag it would be this one.   

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Book Summary

                        This is my book review about stories that I have read. This tells you some plots and a bit of information about these stories. It also tells you what I think about it, like what was good and what was bad about.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Bank Job

We have been practicing lots and lots of narrvites and have been working on editing and revising stories. Here is my revised and edited story.  

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Practicing Cross Country

For the past few days we have been practicing running for cross country. When the real cross country cames all the boys  and girls will run around the school  three times. When they have done three laps they will finish in what ever place they come. If someone comes first, second or third they will go to inter-school cross country.     

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Ronald McDonald Show

Yesterday in the morning the year one to year six children went to assembly for a special show, we were all excited. When we got  inside we were waiting quietly for the special guest. A few minutes later we were all surprised it was Ronald Mcdonald! After that we were singing make it click and stop look and listen. At the end we learnt how to cross the road safely and about sneaky driveways.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Asking Questions

We are learning to write a quality blog comment

Here is a screenshot of my comment I wrote on Azahar's blog. I have started with a greeting and with the author’s name. I wrote a positive comment about the the story of Jerry Collins. I asked a question near the end and I checked the criteria to make sure it was alright.

Leaving a Postive Digital Footprint

Friday, 31 July 2015

Punctuation’s 10 Most Wanted

Punctuation’s 10 Most Wanted
# 5
Name: Semicolon - also know as pause.
Description: Wanted for pausing a sentence.  
Last seen: In the middle of a sentence when the comma was not enough.

Term Three Goals

These are my term three goals and I am trying to achieve them. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Barcelona wins the champions

This is about a current event from kiwi kids news its about barcelona wins the champions league finals. You can read the article here 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Water cycle

Water is a cycle that goes round and round. If water gets warm it evaporates and ascends to the clouds. After a few minutes it turns to gas. Once that has happened the gas will turn into clouds and the wind will go with the flow and blow where ever it goes. After that it will rain and water will go down from the clouds. Water goes to the reservoir and then it will get clean. After that it will take you to pipes. Pipes goes to different places like taps,showers and fountains water goes everywhere!  

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Your Passsword Is Smart And Secure

 We are learning to create strong passwords and make sure our Google account is secure.

1. Make sure that your passsword is smart and secure by choosing a phrase for example jack and jill went up the hill, to make it stonger put numbers or characters.  


2. You can do any password but make sure that your password is not about you because criminals might get your password  and log on.

3. Make sure that your password isn't shared to anyone, even your family.  

Thursday, 28 May 2015

becoming a digital learners

On our chromebooks we are doing keyboardshortcuts. We are becoming a digital learners so we can be cybersmart.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Love from:your soldier son

Dear Family
We have arrived here at Gallipoli and the battle has begun and everywhere I look all I see around me is gunfight and  bombs that go boom. I am enjoying the letters you sent from home. It’s good to read them. Send my love to everyone, I miss you all terribly.
Love from: Your soldier son  


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Learning important things

Hi my name is Timote Junior I go to Ruapotaka School and I'm 10 . I  come to school to  learn important things that is new. I like to play with my friends. I like playing sports like touch,soccer and running . My favourite subjects at school are maths but I mostly like art than maths . I preferred my that I like to eat is chicken and chips.