Thursday, 26 October 2017

Daily Fitness

Every week the seniors had to get organised into their dancing groups. Our fitness currently is relays. Mr Reid gave everyone a number between 1 and 4. Later on we had to go to our station. Once we arrived four students from each groups had to line up in a row, so that the next runner can pass the baton on.

In my team was Lupe, Frank, Vika, Teremoana, Jessica and Tane. When my teammate arrived at the fourth cone and passed the baton to me, I had to quickly run to the end so that our team could finish. On the next rotation the next group had to do exactly the same thing as we did.

When relays finished everyone returned to class.

✈ An Adventure To Melbourne ✈

When the two weeks of holiday started all I could think of was going to Melbourne. Me and my sister (Ruth) quickly dashed to the car because we were a few minutes late. As we arrived at the airport we cautiously placed our luggage on the trolley because there were fragile items in there.

Later on we weighed the bags, waited patiently in line to check in and lastly filled the form. As me and my sister were walking through the gateway we said our farewells. 30 minutes later we were on a giant plane, I looked out of the clear window and all I could see were clouds.

I deiced to fall asleep so that I could have more energy to move. As we landed we quickly grabbed our luggage and headed out of the airport.  I was so exited to explore Melbourne.