Friday, 26 May 2017

🏆We Made History🏆

On Wednesday we made history. It was the first time the year 7 and 8's ever won the competition.
After fitness the soccer team left for Point England Reserve for the Soccer Inter-School competition.
The soccer team members were Mika, Saluselo, Lupe, Izabella, Dakbai, Min Zin, Meana, Isabell, Mary, Solomone and me.
The first game was against Glen Taylor. We played against Tamaki Primary, Sylvia Park, St Patrick's, Panmure Bridge and lastly Stone fields. In the finals, we tied 1st place with Stones fields.
These are the results:
vs Glen Taylor- 1 - 0

vs Tamaki primary- 1 - 0

Sylvia Park- 1 - 0

vs St Patrick's- 7 - 0

                                                               Semi -finals: vs Panmure Bridge- 4 - 0

                                                               Finals: vs Stone fields- 0 - 0


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Soccer Team⚽⚽

my_picture.pngThe day has finally come. After all the hard training and exercise, I have finally made it in the Inter-School Soccer Team. Mr Reid has chosen twelve fit, hard working students to join the 2017 Ruapotaka soccer crew.

The reason why some people were chosen was because they had pushed themselves very hard to make it into the team.

Tomorrow morning, the soccer team is going off to Point England Reserve to battle other schools and try and earn their way up to the top. I can't wait for tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Back To Tech

On Wednesday we were  back to school and the year 8s are doing cooking for Tech. Our teacher is Mrs Tuipulotu. We made chocolate balls covered in coconut and chocolate. The ingredients were oreos, coconut, condensed milk and chocolate.
Firstly we had to break the oreos into little pieces, then put them in a bowl. Later on we added the coconut and poured the condensed milk. After all the ingredients were mixed in we had to make them into balls. Then we had to put them in the fridge carefully for a few hours. Next everyone had to melt lots of chocolate chips for about two long minutes. When that was all finished we grabbed the cold truffles and the hot chocolate so that we can combine them altogether.    

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Anzac Ceremony

On Thursday, there was an exciting assembly. During the holidays there were two events, Easter Day and Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a time where people remember the soldiers who went to war and made New Zealand peaceful. At school we had our own special ceremony, firstly we sang the national anthem. After that three people from different classes were called up and preformed a poem. Lastly we stood up and gave a moment of silence for a minute.